Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Man of My Dreams

This is the man who makes my heart all a twitter. Every time I hear his name or see his picture my heart starts beating faster. I hang on his every word, and I can hardly wait till we are together again. We can go several months with no contact, but then suddenly there he is, back in my arms. I hold him tenderly, looking at him, knowing soon we will be alone. Laying in bed with him, is worth waiting for. All those months of longing, wating for that touch. Our time is brief together, but lasting in memories.
He is Robert B. Parker, my favorite author. He wrote the Spenser books, which I have all of, and all the Jesse Stone books, and frankly, if he wrote the cereal boxes, I would read them too. Run to your nearest book store, and discover my passion.

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  1. That's what he looks like? My husband loves all those books!