Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Season

Scooping out the army knives, lead soldiers and cap guns at an Gurnee Antique Center.

S and Great Aunt Dorothy reading Press Here by Herve Tullet.
This is my new favorite children's book.

My niece, N, wanted a purple robe for Christmas and Aunt Gwennie pulled through.
She loved it and wore it for hours. She even liked the monogram.

All the cousins.

J can't get enough Legos.

My mother just rolled over in her grave.
This is what he wanted Santa to bring him, I tried to talk him into the Packers,
but S insisted on the Cowboys.

S loves anything soft, and he got a sheep skin, and lots of stuffed animals.

J had a grand time opening her stocking...
but couldn't understand why we couldn't start painting right away!
(It makes my knees hurt just looking at her sitting like that!)

In front of the tree.Christmas morning, J and S, and the new HUGE stuffed dog.

We toured the Wisconsin Veterans Museum on the Capitol Square.
It was really interesting, the boys loved it.

Boys in front of the Capitol "Holiday" tree.
Editorial note: Come on, if it looks like a Christmas Tree, and smells like a Christmas Tree -
And don't get me started on the alternate Nativity scene.

" ...in a one horse open sleigh." We spent some time at the Mitchell Domes in Milwaukee.
S loves it here, so we try to take him every season.

We also took the boys to The Nutcracker Ballet at the Overture Center. There would be a picture of them, except an usher yelled at me from several rows away about how no pictures could be taken. I wasn't the only one who thought she was rude. People around us thought it was completely over the top. I was mortified and annoyed. The ballet had not started yet, and I was taking a photo of my kids. Geez. People were taking pictures of their groups all over the
theater, but I got busted.