Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Teashop Girls Tea Party

Waiting for the guests to arrive.
As my donation to the school auction, I hosted a tea party today for a group of young ladies
at my house. The whole event was based on the book The Teashop Girls, by Madison writer Laura Schaefer. She reads my blog and I asked her to come talk to the girls about being a writer. She was completely delightful, and the girls were thrilled to meet her.
Is Z not wearing the PERFECT dress? She was matched to a T.

My niece, M, was so excited about meeting a real live author. She wants to know what author will be next. On a fashion note: LOVE Laura's shoes!

The favor boxes were all pink, sugary and girly!
Cookies by Design (thanks Ann) made teapot cookies to match
the teapot on the cover of the book.

Laura signing her book. Check out her website here, and buy the book!

Mrs V. hosted the party with me. She's the best.

All the young ladies, with Laura.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

This Sandwich Sucks

I am in what is called the "sandwich generation". Meaning I have aging parents and young children at the same time. I have spent the majority of the week being with my mother, who is in the hospital. Dealing with low potassium and sodium levels, anemia, and dementia. She doesn't know the year, can't be trusted to take her meds, and lies to the doctor about how much she drinks. My father has some what relinquished responsibility for her, yet gets mad when the doctors direct their comments toward me. He did throw in this week that he has stopped taking his medication also. He doesn't have memory problems, he's doing that on purpose. (I think to push me over the edge!) My mom entering the hospital started a few nights ago when I received a call from their clinic, where she had lab work done earlier that day. The results were alarming, and she needed to be hospitalized immediately, but they couldn't reach my parents. I tried calling them, and it just rang and rang. I got dressed, jumped in the car, and spent the drive to their home calling them on my cell. No answer. I get there, pound on the door, explain why I'm there, and send them to get dressed. I checked the phone and got a dial tone. I called their number and it rang. So, their phone was working, but they couldn't hear it? My dad thinks the clinic and I were calling the wrong number. (Ah, yeah Dad, my childhood phone number I have suddenly forgotten, I don't think so.) Dad's not walking well, and won't discuss it. I find out in the hospital Mom had hurt her toe, of course she doesn't know when or how. It was exhausting. And then I leave that chaos to pick up my children, and deal with homework, owies, and laundry/dinner/baths/ and missing teeth. My boys are much easier to deal with then Mom and Dad. They are like teenagers, who think they are old enough to handle responsibility, but you know they aren't. I am tired. I want someone to take care of me. I want to go back to being a child, when the world was easier.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

I had breakfast, with a couple of fellow moms from school, this morning, and Miss H got to join us. She picked the donut with purple sprinkles, I think just because it matched her outfit!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lilly in the NY Times

There was a nice article about Lilly in the New York Times today, check it out here. Wish I was there!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Visit to the Outer Banks

Lilly and pearls, all is right with the world.
I love being Edith Ann, and if you don't know who that is go ask a grown up.

Because you are too lazy to get out of the car to buy beer?

Trying out the hammocks

The brothers learn out the Wright Brothers

The talk given was wonderful, the Ranger did a great job.
And we learned he was stationed at Truax Field in Madison, a long time ago.

The Wright Brothers Memorial

Right outside our hotel

My favorite picture from the whole trip. I could just eat him up

J on the beach.

I wanted to bring back chairs, but there is only limited space in the mini-van.

Hatteras Lighthouse

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

We are driving the loop in Chicago, admiring the skyline when S pipes up from the back.

"Daddy, what is youh favowite sky scwapeh? The Sewious Toweh ow the Entiwe State Buwlding?"
Translation: Daddy, what is your favorite sky scraper? The Serious Tower or the Entire State Building?

I thought B would get in a car accident from laughing so hard. I informed S that it was now called the Willis Tower. And he looked at me and said "do they know NO ONE is going to call it that? People will still call it the Serious Tower." Which only brought on a new round of laughter.

A Visit to Chapel Hill and Raleigh

I had to stop at Foster's Market for lunch. I have all her cookbooks and I wasn't disappointed.
Turkey BLT Caesar wrap.............. wonderful!

In full bloom, the entire state screamed SPRING! We drove through campus, and were very impressed by the cleanliness and manners of the students. One frat freaked me out, that had lawn chairs on a narrow ledge outside upper floor windows, no railing, just an opportunity for a large plunge to the ground with a few too many. B asked me how I knew it was a frat, and I said that women (sorority) would never do something so stupid.

State Capital. Rather petite. And they won't let you walk on the grass, which coming from Madison is odd. We have huge events like Concerts on the Square, were thousands of people bring picnics and listen to the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra. We are encouraged to use the lawn.

Top of the Capital.

Governor's Residence

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Visit to Charlotte

Fun at a park

It's a miracle we didn't end up at a hospital from W's antics!

S at the Discovery Center in uptown Charlotte

J laying on a bed of nails

Having a great time at Bubba's BBQ. YUM!

Best Buddies, J and O. They had a great time bowling.

J at the Discovery Center

We had a wonderful time visting friends in Charlotte. The kids had a blast playing with each other, and we hope they can come spend a week with us this summer. Charlotte is a beautiful city, trees in full bloom and well manicured (at least to the south of the city). I got to stop at Harris Teeter and buy a couple more canvas grocery bags, which gives me some perverse joy when I use them up north. There are crazy drivers, it must be NASCAR rubbing off. They are fast and don't seem to bother with road rules. Just getting in and out of the parking lots was harrowing. Everyone was very polite, and we can't wait to go back for another visit.