Wednesday, October 21, 2009

If I only had a brain.............

It's Official! There is nothing in my head. I had a CAT scan today, and the doctor called with the results. Yep, nothing. My husband wasn't surprised. I am glad to get Arnold Schwarzenegger out of my head. I have had a headache for two months, and I keep hearing him say "it's not a toomah". Don't know the cause of the headaches yet, but we have eliminated the big C.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ready for Bake Sale

I am ready for the 8th grade bake sale at school. I don't have an eighth grader, but I like to contribute something. The money raised goes toward their class trip to DC. I guess technically I didn't bake anything, but I dipped each pretzel rod and coated them with seasonal sprinkles. I know the kids will really like them.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Go Big Red!!!

Spent Saturday night in a luxury box at the Kohl Center watching the University of Wisconsin Badger's skate against Colorado College. We were invited to the game by a friend of B's, who is also a former Badger hockey player. It was interesting to watch the game with someone with that perspective. Go Bucky!
The Student Section. Where do they get the energy? It was also Homecoming Weekend. Their fun and crazy. I always cry while singing Varsity.
The game seemed slow to me. I tried to control myself, husband embarrasses easily. We tied 1-1, in overtime.

Thanks, Aunt Judy!

Thank you, Aunt Judy, I love my new apron. B even commented that the colors are my favorites. I said "of course, she pays attention!" I wear an apron almost all day, every day. It helps keep my clothes free of oil, tomato sauce and every other kind of splatter. The other day I got splattered with bacon grease, my clothes were still clean, my face, on the other hand, got a a lovely splotch of instant blister that has now turned into an even lovelier scab. It hurt like hell!
My Aunt is amazing, so talented. She did a chalk drawing of a sheep dog and puppies when I was a little girl, and it now hangs in S's room. I can't draw a thing. Check out her site on etsy here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mad for Plaid

I saw these shoes today and just had to have them. Then I came home to the November issue of Country Living and a whole spread about plaid. I am mad about it too!

Ready for Halloween

I made myself a huge poufy tulle skirt for my Halloween costume, and upon seeing it, my niece wanted one to. I was happy to oblige. She is going to be a purple witch, and she really loves her skirt.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Christmas Countdown Idea

I just got the new Garnet Hill catalog and noticed this adorable Christmas decoration. I know the boys would get a huge kick out of counting down the days, and picking a little treat of the bucket. Maybe I'll try to make one myself.

Oh, the weather outside ...

October 10, 2009
It is Snowing!! Flurries that melt on impact, but the kids are still excited!

Friday, October 9, 2009

What to do...

Since both boys are in school all day now, I have been left in my home for the longest stretches of time I've ever had here alone, since the kids were born. I have cleaned closets, purging the clothes I will never wear or fit into again. I have cleaned out the refrigerator, making it look like a still life with bowls of lemons and the like. I cleaned the silverware drawers. Vacuumed the yucky old basement steps, followed by cleaning the basement. I've organized photos. Had the chimney cleaned and had wood delivered for the winter. I moved plants in from outside, filling the enclosed front porch with herbs and ferns, and the huge Sago palm. I have made pumpkin bread, banana bread, cookies, savory breads, soups, chili, and at this rate, I will end up weighing 300 pounds. Yesterday, I found myself cleaning the toaster. Good Lord, Gwennie, get a grip. Or at least a hobby. I am going a little stir crazy, and it isn't yet the dead of winter when you are stuck at home, surrounded by drifts of snow. But I am trying not to shop, and that leaves me with lots of time on my hands. What to do next?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Snack Attack a Must Read

Attention any parent who has packed snacks/lunch for their child for school: Please read Mrs. Blanding's blog. Her snack experience is hysterical. Thank goodness my kids don't have that teacher!

Good Bye Gourmet

I just read that Conde Nast is shutting down Gourmet magazine. What the #%@*?! And Cookie, which is funny, since I just got a renewel notice from them today in the mail. Southern Accents is gone, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! I get lots of magazines, but my mail is carrying less and less for me. As a stay at home mom, the mail can be the highlight of my day.

Talking Spirits at Forest Hill Cemetery

Sunday, my friend Jean and I went to Forest Hill Cemetery for the Talking Spirits tour, presented by the Wisconsin Veterans Museum. This is their eleventh year, but the first one I've ever made it to. It was so interesting, and I can't wait to go back next year. If you are in the area, don't miss it! It features one-person plays throughout the cemetery, giving a history lesson about individuals buried there. This year was about people with civil war ties. Above is actor, Tom Collins, portraying John W. Jefferson, grandson of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings. What a history lesson!

Bascom B. Clarke, portrayed by Atlas Brewster, was a Civil War orphan, and went on to become the publisher of American Thresherman magazine. This kid was amazing. He spoke, in character, for a good 15 minutes. Completely impressive.
George Washington Spears, played by Brian Belz, was a Confederate Soldier taken prisoner in 1862. He was shot and killed by a Union sentry at Camp Randall in Madison, while protecting his brother, a fellow prisoner. The rest of the prisoners died from illness. Behind him you can see the most Northern Confederate graveyard.

Pumpkin Season

We went to pick pumpkins on Saturday morning, at a farm on Hwy 151 in Sun Prairie. This farm is idyllic with a yard full of pumpkins, gourds, squash and the like. A retriever named Max greeted us, a mallard and some chickens also wanted to see what was going on, and a black and white cat kept the boys entertained.

A back end full of pumpkins.
My decorating, and apple eating, helper.