Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Golden Wedding Anniversary Party

Today we hosted a 50th Wedding Anniversary party for my in-laws. We had about 40 people for lunch. It was fun looking at their wedding photos and especially all the receipts from the wedding. My mother-in-law made her dress, with a Vogue pattern that cost 75 cents. Her flowers were under $50.

The salads are awaiting the company of stuffed chicken breast wrapped in puff pastry.
A replica of their wedding cake, made by Carl's Cakes. He's the best.

Birthday at the Nitty Gritty

S turned 5 on Friday, so off we went to Madison's Official Birthday Bar, The Nitty Gritty. We go there often, but on your birthday you get a mug and a sundae. Our waitress was great and snapped this pic of us.
This is the Gritty Burger, and it is amazing! Perfectly cooked burger with a special sauce. Yum!
S enjoying his sundae.
"I can't wait to come back on my 6th birthday!"

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reading Suggestions

How is it possible I don't have anything to read? Anyone have any suggestions?

Birthday Dinner

Tomorrow is S's birthday and I asked him what he wanted to have for dinner. He said, " Cwab wegs, shwimp, and mashed potatoes and gwavy. And foh bweakfast I want pancakes and fwuit, and foh wunch I want Blt's." I guess he has thought about it! A boy after my own heart.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rules of the road

Five years ago today, a friend was killed while running near her home. She was in her early thirties, and left behind her husband and two small boys, as well as her parents and sister. So today I ask you to teach your children the rules of the road, and to follow them yourself. Walk or run against traffic, ride bicycles with traffic. I, also, would recommend not wearing ipods, so you have the ability to hear the traffic. My request is simple, and can prevent a tragedy.
My son was born 48 hours after Amy was killed, and I have always thought that she is his guardian angel, watching out for him as she also watches over her own sons.

Edward Moore Kennedy

February 22, 1932 - August 25, 2009

The cause endures,
The hope still lives,
and the dream shall never die.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Favorite Far Side

Because some days you just need to laugh.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pizza Making Lunch

J with his pizza, a monkey
Friends of the boys came over to play today, and we had pizza for lunch. Each child created their own masterpiece, which they proudly showed off. They ate every bite!

O with her doggy pizza
S with his pizza
W with his alien pizza

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Day in Milwaukee

We visited the Mitchell Domes, fabulous botanical gardens.
I can't remember what it is, but isn't it amazing?! This is in the Tropical Dome.
A Provencal Garden in the Show Dome
Me and the kids in the Desert Dome.
Then we stopped at the Betty Brinn Children's Museum.

This was my favorite part, the Milwaukee Art Museum. I have never been in a more fascinating building. It was designed by Santiago Calatrava (his first US work), and is simply breathtaking.
Sculpture by Dale Chihuly, UW-Madison alum. I love his work.
The view above
Taking a look at Lake Michigan.
If you are at all interested in architecture, and are in the Milwaukee area, I insist you stop by to experience this building. I can't explain the feeling, but it was inspiring. I can't wait to go back.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Visit from the Schey Sisters

A while back I stepped out of the house to get the mail and saw a woman taking a picture of my home. I asked if I could help her with anything, and she replied that her grandparents used to live in the house. I invited her in and gave her a tour. It was interesting to listen to her memories of the place and how things were when she visited her grandparents. I told her if she wanted to bring her family to see the house to give me a call. And she did. Yesterday she and her sister brought their three aunts, who grew up in the house. It was a great afternoon listening to their stories about peach and plum trees, goats and ponies. Using Vine Street, in front of the house, for sledding, and watching the blacksmith at the end of the street. They pulled on the drawers of the built-in china cabinets, and loved the smell of the attic, all bringing back memories of years gone by. They talked about wedding parties held here that went on to the wee hours, with dancing in the basement. Their mother was a wonderful cook, and had a huge garden in the back. The youngest of the sisters was born in the house in 1926. Each of the ladies enjoyed seeing "their" room, and thinking about the huge down quilts piled on the beds to keep them cozy. The house was sold in 1963, after the deaths of their parents, so it has been many years since they have sat in the dining room and enjoyed coffee and dessert. The house has changed over the years, but I think they approved of the way it looked still, and enjoy knowing that I'm taking good care of, and love, their childhood home.

Medieval Times and Legoland

Medieval Times in Schaumburg, a suburb of Chicago
The boys were amazed by the King and the Knights.
The Knight, who was so charming
President Obama greets you at the door
Chicago Skyline "It's my kinda town"

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Canaan Band - David, You Rock

Check out my friend David's band, Canaan. I met him almost 20 years ago, and we completely hit it off. I still have a Brooks Brothers shirt of his, which I never plan on giving back. David is one of the most wonderful men I have ever met, and I am so proud of him for pursuing his musical talent. He is on the right playing guitar. David- you rock! My love always, G

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tomato Bruschetta from Julie and Julia

(photo from Sony Pictures)

If you have seen the movie, you are going to be craving this.
The recipe for the Tomato Bruschetta is found here. This is from The Atlantic Magazine. The recipe is from the woman who did the food for the movie.

Ah, butter...

I loved it so much I've seen it twice! And I have to start cooking something immediately. One of my favorite parts is the comment about Julia wearing pearls while she cooks. I wear my pearls while I cook too, which cracks up a lot of people I know. In fact I wear them while I clean, take out the trash, prune the roses, everything. I rarely am seen without them. Julie receives a strand for her birthday, and is seen wearing them throughout the rest of the movie. I certainly can relate. Maybe I'm ahead of a trend.

2 kids, 1 hose

The boys thought it would be fun to go surfing... in a sandbox.
They were wet, filthy and had the best time. And went to bed early. It's a win-win! This is the kind of experience that I think is lacking in so many children today. All these over scheduled kids, their lives filled with lessons, team sports, everything so organized. What ever happened to there is a yard, go play? I am so proud of the wonderful imaginations the boys are developing, on their own. They are always thinking up games to play and adventures to go on, all in our backyard. Sure they get dirty, but isn't that what childhood is all about?

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's a Great Day!

After a day filled with appointments, back to school supply shopping for the boys, my iron died, a piece broke off my vacuum, and I've been changing beds, clearing cobwebs (where are they coming from) cleaning light fixtures, and lots more "fun" stuff like that... it turned out to be a great day. Why, you may ask? My copy of Charleston magazine came AND I now have 6 (yes, count 'em 6!) followers. The people that I know aren't followers, but six complete strangers think I'm good enough to read. I think that makes it a great day. How is your day going?

Jelly Belly Beans and Gino's East Pizza - ahhhh

We took the kids to tour the Jelly Belly Factory in Pleasant Prairie yesterday. They thought it was sooo cool.

This art work is made from Jelly Belly's and depicts the front of the Chicago Art Museum.
And, of course, we couldn't leave with out a big bag of Belly Flops (Jelly Belly's that didn't make the cut, but still taste great.
Then we drove to Lake Geneva to try Gino's East pizza (it had just been on the Food Network).
This is the Gino's Chopped Salad made with chopped romaine and iceberg lettuce, grilled chicken breast, tomatoes, bleu cheese, crisp bacon, black olives, cucumber, red onions, and crispy chips tossed in a sweet red wine viniagrette. We ordered one serving that was so large, all four of us had a serving.
This is Chicago pizza, deep dish, there is nothing scrawny about this pie. We got cheese and sausage, with the sausage being one huge patty. The tomato sauce was amazing. I am not sure if it is as good as Giordano's, so I might have to try both again, just to be positive.
But, it was worth the drive. That's amore!