Friday, March 20, 2009

Auction Recap

Last weekend was the school auction, to benefit scholarships. About 150 people showed up, drank lots of beer and wine, ate lots of food and went home with some great loot. The suprise of the evening was Matt Lepay, voice of the Badgers, mc-ing our live auction portion. B and I donated a low country boil for ten couples at our house, it was so popular that we announced we would do a second dinner for ten more couples. Both parties should be fun, and I'm already thinking about the complete menu. Barbeque pork sliders, cheese straws, boiled peanuts, etc. The money people are still crunching numbers, but I hope we did as well as last year. I chaired this year, but I think next year I'll sit out.

1 comment:

  1. being from New England I am not sure what a Low Country Boil is! We have clambakes up here... in the summertime! How nice of you to offer. I bet it will be a blast!