Monday, November 14, 2011

The Best Title for an Article - EVER

Philly Magazine recently ran an article called Main Line Mothers are Raising Bratty, Spoiled Rotten Daughters: Insecure Parents are Showering their Children with Lavish Gifts and creating totally un-dateable women.

It is not just in Philadelphia either. There are many young ladies I see that I hope my boys never date. I, also, tell the boys not to date a picky eater. Life's too short to deal with that malarkey.

Check out the article here .

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tis the Season

Yesterday I spent two hours redoing a Christmas garland, taking off the lights, in which only half of them worked, removing all the wired on ornaments, and starting over. I had gone to Hobby Lobby and bought the green balls and picks to add to the red balls I already had. After two hours I get to the last grouping... and run out of picks. Sonofa.... I race to Madison, back to Hobby Lobby, and get to the pick area...sonofa... they are sold out. I think I may have cried out loud.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Cleaning Out

My father has asked my sister and I to clean out the basement in the house he and Mom lived in since 1976. We have been at it for months, doing a little at a time. It has been fun seeing all the things that were part of our childhood. Fisher Price people, the Santa face that hung in the kitchen (that Mom would point at when we were being naughty... point taken). I have found transferware plates and platters, jars of buttons, papers from grade school. Yesterday I found a box of tiny small ornaments, on the cover was the handwriting of my Great-Grandmother "glass ornaments from Judy". What do I keep? Do I keep the box? I am torn between sentimentality and practicality. My sister in more the practical, I end up with the memories.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fallingwater and a Seven Year old

My aunt sent me a card with the above picture of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater. My seven year old son came home, noticed the card on the table and proclaims "I love Fallingwater. I think this is his best work." I asked him who the architect was. He rolls his eyes and says (with "Duh" in his voice) "Frank Lloyd Wright...remember he was from Wisconsin." He continues with "I really want Santa to bring me the Lego Fallingwater." He's SEVEN! God love him, he totally cracks me up. Can you imagine what he is going to be like when he is older?!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

The official "stand in front of the house" Halloween picture. When I was a grade schooler I attended a Catholic school and we were not allowed to dress up for Halloween... we dressed up for All Saints Day, which is November 1. Yeah, like it wasn't hard enough to ride the bus, now I was dressed as Saint Ann. Let's just say the public school kids were not so kind. Where are those pictures?

The kids had a non-uniform day today at school as a reward. This is what S decided to wear, because as he told me he wanted to "impress the girls." He cracks me up.