Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If it sounds like a duck...

Got to love a President who knows what a ringtone is! Watch it here

What I'm Reading...

Queen Takes King by Gigi Levangie Grazer
The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews (I hope there is a sequel)
Stuffed by Patricia Volk, about a NYC Restaurant family (you'll laugh and cry)
Finger Lickin' Fifteen by Janet Evanovich
(I keep casting this series in my head, Mark Consuelos should be Ranger)

I read all of these in the past week. Now, I'm out of reading material. I'm bored! Any suggestions?


And all is right in the world!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Best Mom on the Block

I am the best Mom on the block (this week)! We splurged on this blow up slide/pool thingy and the kids are loving it. I get to spend time reading (I read two books this weekend), while lying on the hammock in the shade. The kids run for hours, eat a good meal and plunge into a night of uninterrupted sleep. It's a win-win for everyone!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Ella's Deli

The boys and I met up with their Daddy, Aunt Mary and Uncle Steve and their new baby, Josie, at Ella's Deli in Madison yesterday. This is a great place to take kids, it is filled with mechanical toys, such as a flying Superman, a Bart Simpson, and each table is like a shadow box, filled with interesting things to look at. One of our tables had a Monopoly game set into it, and the other had yo yo's. The highlight of the lunch was riding the carousel afterward. The boys couldn't believe Josie had never been on a ride before (she's 3 months old). J kept saying, "She has never ridden anything in her WHOLE life! WOW!"

Josie's first ride, EVER!
Look Mom, no hands!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farrah Fawcett , You got your wings

So many people wanted her hair, mine looked more like Dorothy Hamill. I still want her teeth. She was so beautiful, and always seemed like a lady. I adored her in the made for tv movie Double Exposure, as she portrayed photographer Margaret Bourke-White. And, of course, who could forget her as Jill Munroe. May she always be an angel.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Loving these!

I found these in one of my favorite catalogs/websites, Room Service Home, and I think I might need one for bumming around this summer. This company has so many adorable things; jewelry, linens, so cute pj's, lots of monogrammed things. Check it out!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Goodbye nursery...sob

This week we are giving S a big boy room, and switching his room and a guest room. The guest room was large, and it didn't make sense to use that space only a few times a year. The saddest part for me is painting over the mural my sister created, although she is fine with me painting over it. The crib has been gone for years, but it makes me melancholy to officially not have a nursery. S is very excited about him Cowboy and Indian room, and could care less about the mural. I found a 1950-s toy chest with silhouette of cowboys on it in Door Co. last weekend, and the cutest sheets at the Company Store Outlet. I'll post pictures as the new rooms take shape.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Scenes from the Dane County Farmers Market

Wisconsin State Capital, the market is right on the square
Mommy and S
J and a really big M&M cookie
Mommy and J

What's up, Doc?

Friday, June 19, 2009

It's been a Blah kinda day

BLAH! It has been just a dull, boring, blah kind of a day. Other than sweeping the floor ten times, because the kids can't remember to take their shoes off, and they keep tracking in sand and dirt. Loading and unloading the dishwashers, and loading, switching, folding and putting away laundry. Putting out and bringing back the trash and recycling from the curb. Pulled a bunch of weeds (it was easier today since it rained buckets last night) and pruned the peonies. Making breakfast, lunch and dinner, the later of which was a Chinese stir-fry, and my youngest told me would have been better, if I was Chinese. Ah... okay. Gave the boys showers and tucked them into bed. They both told me they want to go with me to the Farmers Market, which shoots my alone time. I emptied a guest room, because next week the carpet is getting pulled up, and we are turning it into S's big-boy room, and in turn, his current room will become a guest room. I am feeling lazy and uninspired. Blah! Snap out of it! And as Katie Scarlet O'Hara said, "Tomorrow is another day."

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Christmas Project started today

Let me start by saying I love Christmas. Last year I put up 8 full size trees throughout the house. This year I want to do a shell tree, with a nod to my Great Aunt Rosemary. All the shells, collected from many years of snow-birding, were bought at her auction last year. She is in her nineties, and has moved out of the big house into a care facility. I was born on her birthday, which thrilled my mother. I bought florist wire to hot glue shells onto, which will stick out of the tree, like bursts. The bigger shells will be hung like regular ornaments, and a huge starfish will be the topper. I got about two dozen glued, a few hundred more to go.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend in Door Co.

We finally got to the cottage! Hello Door County! It's been called the Midwest's Cape Cod.
Go to lunch in Egg Harbor, eat at Shipwrecked. Make sure to have the Seafood Chowder, simply wonderful! I order it every time we go there.
Daddy takes the boys fishing, while mom lays on the coach reading about Mr. Latte.
Took husband's Aunt Dorothy out for dinner Saturday night.

Spent a great deal of time getting the boat in and out of the Lake. Note to husband: Listen to your wife the next time she asks, "Is there gas in the boat?". Enjoyed Lake Michigan on a beautiful, sunny, warm day.

You must start and end your trip to Door County with a stop at Frosty Tip. Get a twist cone, and start licking!

I love you, Al Roker!

Today, on Today, this man was amazing. I, frankly, don't know, nor do I care who "Speidi" is, but I'll watch a dose of the Al Roker reality any day. Now can we have him grill a few other "celebrities"?! Who should be on first? Hmmm......

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rocky Road Bark

A friend called this week needing a favor for a medical school event. I had made her marshmallows last year, and this year I made Rocky Road Bark. They are decadent. And easy.

1 pound bittersweet chocolate, chopped

2 cups mini marshmallows

1 1/2 cups pecan pieces (about 8 ounces), lightly toasted

*Line a jelly roll pan with parchment. Melt the chocolate in a bowl set over a pan of hot water, stirring frequently until melted and smooth. Remove from heat.

* Stir in 1 1/2 cups of the marshmallows and 1 cup pecans. Scrape the mixture onto the pan and spread out with a spatula to 1/2 inch thick. Sprinkle the remaining marshmallows and pecans over the top, gently pressing them into the chocolate to adhere.

* Refrigerate the bark until completely firm, about 2 hours. Break or cut into chunks. Store in an airtight container at room temperature for up to a day, or in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.
To push it over the top, a topped them with white chocolate.
Calling Dr. Nanovic- I hope your students enjoy their treat!