Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Florida, beginning with Disney

Welcome to Florida!
The Grand Floridian was fabulous! We loved it!
Beautiful, wonderful music in the lobby, helpful and friendly staff (or cast members, as they are referred).

Getting spit on by a pretend camel.
Must be a boy thing.

J HAD to have a turkey leg for lunch.

Cooling off. It was hot and humid!

On Safari. Also, while in the Animal Kingdom I got pooped on by a flying bird. I love nature!

Taken during the Dessert Buffet and great seating for the fireworks.

Mary Poppins was practically perfect in every way.

Using his muscles, J tries to pull the Sword from the Stone.

S and Daddy driving!

Trying to not make a mess... at least he tried!

One our way to Mickey's BBQ!

In full disclosure, I don't really "get" the draw of Disney. I know lots of people that love it , and go frequently. But once you've been there, well... you've been there, done that. I talked to a man, from Texas, whose family were on their third trip to Disney World in thirteen months. What about the rest of the country? Niagara Falls, the Outer Banks, Mount Rushmore? It is very clean and organized, everyone is incredibly helpful, but I never want to go back.

Also, I was appalled by the amount of piercings and tattoos. And I must be really out of the loop, because when did bra straps become a fashion statement?


  1. Hi, well the pictures look like you had a nice time! I am looking for any tips or advice you can give me...we got a call last night that a friend has a week time share available in two weeks and we are considering taking it (for free) and driving down (from NYC) with three kids ages 2 - 7 - thoughts? crazy?


  2. Welcome to Florida, Gwennie! FLorida is the home of tattoos, piercings, and poor fashion sense. Thankfully Disney does a great job of trying to distract us from those "attractions". We love Disney because our children love it. However, we also love seeing other parts of the country as well. How long were you there? Did you love the Grand Floridian?