Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tarpon Springs - OPA!

I had been to Tarpon Springs thirty years ago (that statement makes me feel old!) and I knew I had to take the kids there. First on the agenda -lunch.
and dessert! Oh the problems picking just one.

We picked out sponges and saw the big fish trophies.

And the owner is an adorable man who gave words of advice to my boys, saying "Take care of your mother, because she will take care of you her entire life." His own mother is 93, and he said he always worries that when he calls her, he will get bad news. I told him, given that I recently lost my own mother, I would give anything to be able to call my mom.

The boats filled with sponges.

The town is sort of a tourist trap, but the sponge docks are interesting, given that we don't have anything like it in Wisconsin. And, of course, the baklava makes it all worth while.

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  1. We had the best time on a boat tour in Tarpon Springs! OPA!