Friday, July 29, 2011

Visiting Aunt Judy

My favorite part of my two weeks was spending the day with my Aunt.

Geez... guess who I look like?!
She took us to Homosassa Springs, and we got to see manatees being feed.


I have never been so close to an eagle.

The animals here have been injured and are on the mend.

J caught this lizard in Aunt Judy's yard. We released him back into his own environment.

My cousin joined us for dinner. I was wonderful to sit and talk to my Aunt. I got to read my Grandmother's journal from the early twenties. And letters written from my Great -Grandmother, when she lived in a sanitarium out west, asking about her toddler son whom her sister-in-law raised. She never saw him again.
I saw some of the dresses that my Aunt sews and sells on Etsy. I wish I had a little girl to wear them.
Aunt Judy is coming our way this fall, I can't wait.

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