Friday, July 31, 2009

When I should have been sleeping

What I was thinking about at 2 o'clock in the morning...when I should have been asleep.

*Jennifer Aniston-Brad Pitt-Angelina Joile is similar to Debbie Reynolds-Eddie Fischer-Elizabeth Taylor
*If I put the top coat of polish on my toes, and then fall asleep, will I have sheet marks?
*Where did my Lilly pants go? I can't find them anywhere!
*How is it possible that the new guy at husband's office didn't know who Walter Cronkite is? Am I that old?
*How is it that it looks like 12 year old's are driving? Yikes, I am that old!
*And Morty, a playmate of the kids, had never seen a record! Are you kidding?! I told him it was like a big CD, he didn't know what that was either.
*What am I going to feed Mary at the cottage? She is a vegetarian, and also a picky eater.
*What stuff still needs to be packed for trip to the cottage?
*Did Jen's mom read her blog, and that is why her post was gone? I really hope her mom didn't read it, and hope my mom didn't read my response (this of course would be impossible, since my mother doesn't know how to use a computer)
*I need to get uniform pants ordered for the boys.
*I need to start planning S's birthday party. Breakfast birthday still, with pancakes and fruit smoothies.
*Should I order my own birthday cake? Pathetic or realistic?
*How many new pairs of pants will the boys ruin this next school year?
*Will I find any pants at the Lands' End Warehouse sale?
*How much cashmere will I find at the sale?
*Why can't I have Irish hair? Every person I know with Irish descent has full, thick, beautiful hair.
*Where is the Farmers Market in Door Co.? I need to look that up.
*Should I pack rain gear for the weekend? because if I pack it, I won't need it............
*By this time, my nails would have been dry, and I wouldn't have sheet marks.
*Maybe I'll find new sheets at the sale?
*How am I going to make a Rough Riders costume for J for Halloween? And make it different from S's Teddy Roosevelt.

How I wish I could turn my brain off!

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  1. If you were refering to my blog, no mom didn't read it, but I got all paranoid! LOL

    and when I am up at 3:00 am I turn the TV on... and watch Housewives of Atlanta and Top Chef Masters... OMG SO GOOD! I do not recommend turning TV on at 3 am though!