Saturday, July 25, 2009

Setting a table

(Last nights table, in progress)_
When we were married almost eight years ago, I registered for fine china, sterling flatware and crystal. I use them with great frequency, and have added formal and informal Christmas patterns, plus Thanksgiving dishes to the collection. I find it so disheartening when people come for dinner and say they never use theirs. What are you waiting for? I know the world has changed, everything is more casual (much to my dismay!), but isn't setting a beautiful table important anymore? Has the country become so disposable that putting a cloth tablecloth on is getting fancy, or is too much work? Some people don't even know how to set a place setting, fork on the left, etc. I enjoy picking out the tablecloth and napkins, setting out the Waterford stemware and Reed and Barton silver. I like to make the people, that eat at our home, feel that they were important enough to set a beautiful table. Am I old fashioned, and just clinging to some sense of what I consider a standard? Is it not noticed or valued? What do you set a table?

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