Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What were you in your former life?

This past weekend I was walking down State Street with the boys, and pointed out the store I used to work at. Actually my store is gone, the building still remains. They were floored that I used to have a job. I have had a varied employment history, although mostly retail. I worked at a beautiful store, Douglass China and Gifts and Dimension 2, right after high school. I worked at a couple Hallmark stores. I was a gift buyer. I worked at Vera's House of Bridal for many years, selling bridal gowns. (That was the most interesting- those brides can be nuts!) And I was a secretary/receptionist for two companies. In fact, that is how I met my husband, I was his secretary.
I am amazed what my fellow stay at home moms did in their previous life. One mom, of four, was a lawyer, and I was shocked. She just doesn't seem like one to me. What did you do in your former life?

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