Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend in Door Co.

We finally got to the cottage! Hello Door County! It's been called the Midwest's Cape Cod.
Go to lunch in Egg Harbor, eat at Shipwrecked. Make sure to have the Seafood Chowder, simply wonderful! I order it every time we go there.
Daddy takes the boys fishing, while mom lays on the coach reading about Mr. Latte.
Took husband's Aunt Dorothy out for dinner Saturday night.

Spent a great deal of time getting the boat in and out of the Lake. Note to husband: Listen to your wife the next time she asks, "Is there gas in the boat?". Enjoyed Lake Michigan on a beautiful, sunny, warm day.

You must start and end your trip to Door County with a stop at Frosty Tip. Get a twist cone, and start licking!


  1. Is your mom reading Cooking for Mr. Latte by Amanda Hesser? Loved that book! I love your photos and Shipwrecked looks as though it's right up my alley... er, stream?!

  2. Sorry for the confusion... I finished reading Cooking for Mr Latte in Door Co. The day you commented with the suggestion to read that book, I went and got it out of the library. I loved it!

  3. Love Door County. Lately though the farthest North we have gone is Lake Geneva (45 minutes away) or Kenosha.

  4. Thanks for sharing with these lovely photos - real refreshing. I am pretty sure that you guys must enjoy your trip very much.

  5. How fun!! I loved all of the pics... we just wanted to see you too, Gwennie!