Monday, May 18, 2009

What I'm Reading

I picked this book up at Target today, as I was ironically wearing a green and pink argyle sweater. It is a look at the authors life and the clothes she was wearing at the time. Jen writes about the importance of the "first day of school" outfit. I clearly remember mine for the first day of 8th grade, Fall 1982. The entire ensemble was from The Stoughton Store, a downtown apparel store in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Plaid wool knickers, with a matching vest, cream blouse with a string ribbon tie, in the matching plaid. Cream colored knee socks and tassel loafers. I had been babysitting for a family who owned a shoe store, and they paid me in shoes. I wish I could have that job back! What was the outfit you remember most from you childhood?


  1. I remember my grey knickers that my mother made!! I wore it with an eggplant shirt with puffed sleeves. I also wore a big gold tiger necklace and argyle knee socks! In my hair, I wore 2 barrettes!! Hilarious

  2. I remember courdoroy knickers, tall socks, some type of a vest with a blouse that had a frilly color and sleeves! So funny... and my mom did some fancy braiding in my hair too to top it all off...:)