Monday, May 11, 2009

Calgon, take me away!

This is a crazy week! Today the kids didn't have school today, so we ran to Sam's Club quick, then came home. They ran around for roughly 6 hours straight, had dinner, showered and instantly fell asleep. Tomorrow is Parent Guild meeting, in which I will be introduced as the President-elect. A dubious honor. Then swimming right after school. Thursday night is J's choir concert. Then Saturday is the first of two Low Country Boils, which were our donation to the school auction. Eleven couples are coming for dinner, and I am consumed with getting the yard and house cleaned. I love our home, and don't want to move, but it might be easier cleaning a 50's ranch, rather than a hundred year old Victorian. I got three bathrooms scoured, so on Saturday they will just need a quick going over. I even took the toilet seats completely off, which I think is the only way to really get them clean. I live with three males, which makes the process disgusting. Next came dusting all the bedrooms, so a quick vacuum should finish it up. I always make B take the boys away for the day when we are having a big shin-dig. With them here, it's like shoveling during a blizzard! All these people keep telling me how excited they are about dinner, which is wonderful to hear, but, boy, the pressure. Cheese straws, pimento cheese, pork bbq sliders, red velvet cake, pecan pie, banana pudding. I hope no one is on a diet!

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