Thursday, August 11, 2011

Door County Weekend

We started our trip with a stop at THE Farm. Kisses to S from the kids.
J feeding the goats.

S loved the cats.

Yummy chocolate shake from the Door Co. Ice Cream Factory.

Movie under the stars. The Zookeeper at The Skyway.

The funniest part of the whole evening was running into a family from school.

It is a small world.

Blankets, Wheat Thins and curd.

The biggest catch so far this year. J was so happy and proud!

The Door County Fair Demolition Derby.

I think the Lilly pants were the right choice, don't you?

All I could think was Marisa Tomei, in My Cousin Vinny, saying "Oh yeah, you blend."

Excitement abounds.
There were even a few women in thie co-ed showdown.

This little guy slept through almost all of it.

The boys really enjoyed it.

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