Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Aunt Rosemary

My Great Aunt Rosemary (Rosie), who was in her nineties, died on Sunday night. I was just talking about her on Sunday afternoon with the boys. They asked why we had a hammock, and I told them about the wonderful hammock at my Aunt Rosie's house. It was so fun, and it was right next to a koy pond. We would lay, swaying gently, and look at the fish. She had an interesting home, and I loved exploring it. An organ she let us play to our hearts content, lots of sea shells and a fainting couch, where my inner Greta Garbo came out. I now own a fainting couch, and think of her every time I demonstrate how to dramatically use it to little girls, just like she did for me. We spent time at their cottage on the Mississippi through out my childhood. Above are pictures of me in 1971, at age two. There was nothing better than a Mr. Freeze pop on that huge wooden deck. Her husband, my Uncle Joe, owned a sand and gravel company, and I remember him bringing a huge dump truck full of sand for me to play in. What joy! Aunt Rosie and I always had a special bond, because of a shared birthday. My due date was two weeks earlier than my actual birth date, and that's because my mom told the doctor I would be born on August 8, because that was her aunt's birthday, and I was. It will be hard when that date rolls around, and I don't have her to send a card to. God bless her soul.

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