Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Visit to Chapel Hill and Raleigh

I had to stop at Foster's Market for lunch. I have all her cookbooks and I wasn't disappointed.
Turkey BLT Caesar wrap.............. wonderful!

In full bloom, the entire state screamed SPRING! We drove through campus, and were very impressed by the cleanliness and manners of the students. One frat freaked me out, that had lawn chairs on a narrow ledge outside upper floor windows, no railing, just an opportunity for a large plunge to the ground with a few too many. B asked me how I knew it was a frat, and I said that women (sorority) would never do something so stupid.

State Capital. Rather petite. And they won't let you walk on the grass, which coming from Madison is odd. We have huge events like Concerts on the Square, were thousands of people bring picnics and listen to the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra. We are encouraged to use the lawn.

Top of the Capital.

Governor's Residence

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  1. Oh, I used to live in Raleigh. Thanks for the post!