Friday, August 21, 2009

A Visit from the Schey Sisters

A while back I stepped out of the house to get the mail and saw a woman taking a picture of my home. I asked if I could help her with anything, and she replied that her grandparents used to live in the house. I invited her in and gave her a tour. It was interesting to listen to her memories of the place and how things were when she visited her grandparents. I told her if she wanted to bring her family to see the house to give me a call. And she did. Yesterday she and her sister brought their three aunts, who grew up in the house. It was a great afternoon listening to their stories about peach and plum trees, goats and ponies. Using Vine Street, in front of the house, for sledding, and watching the blacksmith at the end of the street. They pulled on the drawers of the built-in china cabinets, and loved the smell of the attic, all bringing back memories of years gone by. They talked about wedding parties held here that went on to the wee hours, with dancing in the basement. Their mother was a wonderful cook, and had a huge garden in the back. The youngest of the sisters was born in the house in 1926. Each of the ladies enjoyed seeing "their" room, and thinking about the huge down quilts piled on the beds to keep them cozy. The house was sold in 1963, after the deaths of their parents, so it has been many years since they have sat in the dining room and enjoyed coffee and dessert. The house has changed over the years, but I think they approved of the way it looked still, and enjoy knowing that I'm taking good care of, and love, their childhood home.