Monday, September 27, 2010

I love this school!

This amazing couple, along with their 2 children, raised these pheasants since they hatched in the first grade classroom last spring. (I want their truck, it is crying out for a Christmas tree peaking out of the back.)
Everyone got an upclose look.
Our Head of School, Mr. F, releasing them onto our beautiful campus.
I feel so lucky the boys are able to go to a school with this amazing environment,
prairie, woods, lake, and a great sledding hill...what more could a child desire.
The fog today set a great tone for the release.

"and I'm out of here"

Follow the leader.


  1. What a moment that was, Gwen! I'm so glad you shared the pictures. I watched from the window, so didn't have such a close up view!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to the whole family!!! Love your blog.