Friday, October 9, 2009

What to do...

Since both boys are in school all day now, I have been left in my home for the longest stretches of time I've ever had here alone, since the kids were born. I have cleaned closets, purging the clothes I will never wear or fit into again. I have cleaned out the refrigerator, making it look like a still life with bowls of lemons and the like. I cleaned the silverware drawers. Vacuumed the yucky old basement steps, followed by cleaning the basement. I've organized photos. Had the chimney cleaned and had wood delivered for the winter. I moved plants in from outside, filling the enclosed front porch with herbs and ferns, and the huge Sago palm. I have made pumpkin bread, banana bread, cookies, savory breads, soups, chili, and at this rate, I will end up weighing 300 pounds. Yesterday, I found myself cleaning the toaster. Good Lord, Gwennie, get a grip. Or at least a hobby. I am going a little stir crazy, and it isn't yet the dead of winter when you are stuck at home, surrounded by drifts of snow. But I am trying not to shop, and that leaves me with lots of time on my hands. What to do next?

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