Wednesday, October 21, 2009

If I only had a brain.............

It's Official! There is nothing in my head. I had a CAT scan today, and the doctor called with the results. Yep, nothing. My husband wasn't surprised. I am glad to get Arnold Schwarzenegger out of my head. I have had a headache for two months, and I keep hearing him say "it's not a toomah". Don't know the cause of the headaches yet, but we have eliminated the big C.


  1. I get awful headaches and I attribute it to rotten sinus issues.
    Glad to hear that it isn't the big C.
    Perhaps you are sensitive to a certain food or something that is in the soap or shampoo that you use.

  2. Sorry you have been dealing with this... I too know what it is like to wonder whether or not you have the Big C. It's terrifying.

  3. Did I miss this somewhere?? Regardless, I am so, SO glad to hear that it is not the big C, because let's face it, the big C is just scary. Hooray!