Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fundraisers, anyone?

I am President-elect of the school's Parent Guild, and we are looking for new fundraising ideas. What have you done? What worked? What didn't? We found an exciting one for this fall with a CSA, my list is long, and my stomach will be full. What has your school got going?

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  1. We are going to have a school wide massive tag sale (yard, garage... whatever you want to call them!) as we have heard of other schools having vast success. It costs the parents nothing but the stuff in their attics and basements... I think we are going to add a car wash and bake sale element to it as well. We'll hold it in the spring.

    Every fall we have a wine tasting. Doesn't generate a large amount, maybe several thousand, but it is a huge success and a great way to get new and old parents connected. Cost is nothing if planned properly.

    And we have our huge auction every spring. This generates anywhere between 60 - 120K (last year was the lowest due to the economy.