Thursday, February 19, 2009

Life's Great Mysteries

There are many things that I just don't get:

1. Why do stores put tall people's pants on the bottom shelf, and short people's pants on the top? Shouldn't it be the other way around.

2. Why do you run out of toothpaste, dishsoap, toilet paper, etc. all at the same time. You end up spending $100 at Target with nothing good to eat.

3. Why, when I'm trying to buy a present for my nieces, do I feel like I'm shopping at stores that should be called "Sluts R Us"? They are 10 and 6! For the love of God, where are all the sweet clothes?! I don't envy their mother.

4. Why can my husband remember when some obscure person was born, but can't remember when trash day is?

5. Why is it the day I decide to slack off, and not clean up the house, make beds, pick up laundry, my husband calls to tell me someone is stopping by?

6. Why do my children want nothing to do with me until I pick up the phone?

7. Why do all pants seem really long? I'm five foot, and petites are still long! Do they really expect that I'm wearing 3 inch heels all day?

8. Why is it when I decide that I'll fill up the gas tank tomorrow, that it rains, or is freezing?

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to the blogging world. Your blogging name caught my eye when you left a comment on a blog. Even though I live in the midwest, I have always felt like I should really be in the south because I love all things southern.

    This post made me laugh because I can relate to a few of the things you listed. No matter if I go into Target for one or two things, I always end up spending a $100.00. I refer to Target as the "money pit".