Monday, June 13, 2011

Structure or Unstructured

The thing about parenthood is you don't necessarily know if you are making the right decisions until the kids are grown. I give the kids lots of unstructured time in the summer. No lessons, no tutors, no day camps. I do art projects with them, and we practice some math facts, but other than that, they play. They are out of the house about 7am and play outside for hours. They come up with creative things to build, games to play, and interesting ways to incorporate water into everything!

I feel very alone in this style of parenting, "You aren't having them do anything?!" It's not like they just sit there all day, they are constantly going... up trees, into the tree fort, in the sand box, under the sprinkler. I think that they have an entire adult life in front of them with responsibilities, deadlines and pressures. What adult wouldn't take a few months of freedom?

Will they appreciate all their carefree days when they are adults? Will they feel they missed out because they aren't on any teams? Time will tell.

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