Monday, May 16, 2011

Madison Farmers Market

Tulips in front of Capitol in Madison. The Farmers Market is every Saturday, around the beautiful Capitol, and is something that can't be missed. There is a waiting list to be a seller, and the bounty is endless.
We have done extensive research, and have concluded that Farmer John has the best cheese curds. We proved the point by eating two bags in two days.

J is my market buddy. He is finding the Queen Bee, and then we enjoyed some honey.

This is my favorite flower seller. The roses smell amazing.

We also researched who makes the best beef sticks and jerky. D & G won hands down.

Until next week...


  1. I will happily return if you tell me the cheese bread guy has left the market. I can't do 10 pounds a week anymore. It just isn't right.

  2. Well.... he's still there and I ate a good portion of our loaf of spicy cheese bread this weekend. I love buying it when it is still hot in the bag, and you can't resist pulling a huge chunk off as the walk continues.