Thursday, January 20, 2011

Aren't You Bored?

I was asked lately if I am bored staying at home. My reply, NO! I am busy planning school functions;
  • International Day (14 countries represented, a renowned origami artist will give lessons, an Irish folk musician, an Ecuadorian dance group)
  • Scholastic Book Fair (we are having a Royal Bookfair, due to the fact that the royal wedding is on one of our sale days... yum, wedding cake)
  • planning the food for the 200 people that will attend the auction (I'm too cheap to pay a caterer for what I know I can do)
  • Fancy Nancy party (this is my Auction donation, 10 little girls with tutu's, boas and tiaras, ice cream parfaits, french lesson and a professional portrait taken)
  • centerpieces for the staff Christmas party on Saturday
  • Spring Carnival (I'm not in charge, just a helper)
  • First Grade Lunch Luau's (this month is a Chinese New Year theme)
  • Camp Out on the Campus (we are having the Boy Scouts give a lesson on using a compass and an astronomer from the UW come to give a lesson on stargazing)
  • going through 80 pounds of unclaimed lost and found (how is that possible?! Come on parents-label your kids stuff!)
  • through in one kids birthday party (he hasn't decided on a theme)

I am busy, and as much as I enjoy it, I am looking forward to summer. What? I know it's January, but a girl has to look forward to something.

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