Monday, August 23, 2010

A Rant

Here it goes:

I do not want to see:
  • bra straps
  • shower shoes worn as foot apparel
  • pajama pants worn to breakfast, lunch, dinner, or frankly ANYWHERE in public. For goodness sake, 50 year old man I saw at the Henry Vilas Zoo yesterday: Packer pajama pants, a grubby t-shirt and shower shoes, and let's not forget the baseball cap. Did you pass a mirror at all?!
  • tattoos everywhere about and everywhere on a person. And to the lady (and I use that term very loosely) that sat near me at a cafe in Nebraska: the tattoo on your upper left arm that said in script "Bitch" probably didn't make a great impression on your boyfriend's parents.
  • piercings, I about lost my lunch, at the same cafe as above, because this man had two spikes coming out of his chin.
  • talking/texting while you're at a meal or in conversation with an actual real live person sitting in front of you. How rude!
  • t-shirts. Why do you need to walk around with writing on your clothing? T shirts are for painting/cleaning/working out. Men-find a shirt with a collar. Is this really asking too much?
  • Purses that match nothing you are wearing. I know I change my purse almost daily, so I realize I am extreme, but at least pick something neutral, that goes with practically everything.
  • Chewing gum in public. Enough said.
  • Little girls dressed like harlots (to quote my Mother). What ever happened to dressing appropriately? Do you think it's okay for your daughter to look like a six year old hooker?
  • Little girls dressed in so much frou frou they are going to have some issues about not actually being a princess, even though they have been dressed like one their entire childhood.
  • Plastic Flip Flops and Crocs on children (and frankly everyone). Put kids in shoes they can actually play in, without fear of losing a shoe or breaking their neck.
  • Little boys dressed like "gansters", and I'm not talking in a suit and tie like a 40's movie. Shorts that are almost pants, shirts with stuff on it, and shoes that are huge!
  • Writing on your bottom. Just plain tacky.
  • shoes and belts that don't match.
  • underwear. I don't want to see it. Pull down your shirt, pull up your pants.
  • Sweats. Why do are you wearing sweats and looking like something the cat dragged in at 4 in the afternoon? What, you didn't have 15 minutes to shower and put on a shirt and pants?
  • skirts so short that I know if you had a bikini wax.
  • sports jerseys (and your not at a sporting event).
  • baseball caps, worn all the time, that are just gross and disgusting with sweat and grime.
  • chipped nail polish. Remove it or fix it.
  • undershirts/"wife beaters" - I don't care if you look like Matthew McConnaughey, no one looks good in these. They are to be worn UNDER shirts, hence they are called undershirts.

AAAAH, I'm feeling better now. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.


  1. Too funny! YOu are fired up, aren't you?! My purse doesn't match what I'm wearing, but I love it. It's a hot pink JPK bag, and I think it looks nice. However, I do know what you mean. I couldn't agree more with the tats, piercings, and clothes that show everything!

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  3. I think you pretty well hit them all