Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lands' End Warehouse Sale- what I got!

Original price 39.50 Sale Price 14.62
Original price 34.50 Sale price 12.75

Navy wool blazer original price 79.50 sale price 15.75
Red cotton pants original price 25.50 sale price 5.00

Spenser canvas tote original price 29.50 sale price 6.00
(I have no one in the family with this name, but I had to buy it because it is the name of my favorite character by my favorite author. It is even spelled correctly! Spenser, like the poet, by the late Robert B. Parker)
I, also, bought a sample tartan belt for $5 and two pair of leather school shoes for J for $13.12 each. I may have to go back, sans children, on Saturday. I couldn't put in the time to search for cashmere. Which is hard to do anyway, when it is 90 plus degrees.

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